High Performance Materials & Equipment

About Us

Millan & Associates LLC  was established in 2009 in Naples, Florida, USA (125 miles to the West of Miami), to explore the recent opportunities created by several trade agreements between the United States and its neighboring Latin American countries. Since then we have expanded into leading Asian countries such as India, China and South Korea. 

Our operations are primarily focused on the export of“Made in the USA” products; a label that implicitly carries the stamp of high quality and advanced technology so recognized and appreciated throughout the World. Nonetheless, on account of the continued strength of the dollar which has made many U.S. manufactured goods more expensive for our Latin American customers, we began creating strategic alliances with European manufacturers in Switzerland, Portugal, Germany and Italy, in order to remain competitive in the new Global economic order.

Our efforts are concentrated on three distinct segments:

•  Specialty plastic compounds such as Thermoplastic elastomers, Thermoplastic Urethane, Teflon ® compounds, and Green additives for plastics such as Rodent and termite repellents, UV protectors, anti-bacterial shields, etc.

•  Tapes and specialty films such as high quality water blocking tapes, binding and shielding, PTFE, skived, high temperature adhesive tapes, fiberglass tapes, etc., for wire & cable applications.

•  High temperature fire resistant cables,  (between 150°C and 1500°C); for use in refineries, petrochemical, iron and steel plants, glass and paper manufacturers, and miniature cables for use in medical instruments, communications systems, etc. and anywhere where fire, extreme temperatures and phisical/mechanical abuse requires cables with long-lasting circuit integrity under demanding environments.

Our associates are a talented and experienced group of entrepreneurs, engineers and marketing professionals that are already working with manufacturers and distributors in the United States, South America and Asia; fomenting and establishing relationships between suppliers and buyers, worldwide.

We know how to do business in Latin America and in the USA, but more importantly we can help our customers identify and target markets to place and launch products successfully.